• Apple, Jacki: Sound Space as Performance Site
    "Outside my window my neighbor's glass wind chimes are ringing loudly. The sound describes the velocity of the wind. If I looked out at the motion of the leaves on a nearby tree it would tell me the same thing..."

  • Apple, Jacki: Terry Allen's Bleeder
    "It is only later, after someone dies that we gather up the pieces and try to assemble them into a comprehensive picture of the person so that we can understand what they were made of..."

  • Corbett, John: New American Radio vs. the Ear of Newt
    "American radio is so completely inculcated in commercial music industry rhetoric -- statistics, playlists, market shares, charts -- that it's almost impossible to believe that there are any truly "alternative" airwaves being stirred, even in the non-commercial zone of the spectrum..."