David Moss: Conjure
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David Moss: Conjure (1991)

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Structural Diagram for "Conjure"

This diagram represents the 3 stages of "Conjure" over time:
Included in Section A are: language fragments in Japanese, Welsch, English; momentary song elements; thick noise slabs; and a bouncing, broken-up text.
B...= the energetic dispersion/ejection of specific particles (from Section A) into particular, rhythmic events of a long enough duration to be perceived as 'song' (with foreground/background, energy levels, density layers); the song evolves...
Included in section B are: 3 tracks of English-language voice singing, "what a line was, straight or curved, or even a dot, or a protuberance, or a cavity."; a rhythmic-pulse on 2 tracks. Then 4 changing voice loops which fade into section C.
C...= The coalescing of the evolving "energetic song events" into a new, unexpected "mature" galaxy, filled with narrative, sensuality, languages, confusion, chance events, destiny, pleasure, history, laughter, meaning and love...
Included in section C are: a more narrative text fragment; longer particles of meaning; fragmentary songs; short outbursts; all on 6 tracks