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David Moss: Conjure (1991)

(p) 1991 Tangible Touch Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

A short dizzying stew of music and narrative -- quantum physics, languages, chants, stories, scientists, banquets, distant galaxies, songs, objects, and desire. Based on text fragments from the writings of the late Italian writer and Nobel Prize winner, Italo Calvino. Composed and performed by Moss with additional voice inserts spoken by Maldwyn and Ichi Ikeda.

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DAVID MOSS (Berlin, Germany) is one of the most innovative percussionists playing today. His solo performances combine drums, metal, strings, plastic, wood, and electronics, with provocative and extreme vocals. Moss has worked with Fred Frith, Shelley Hirsch, Heiner Goebbels, Christian Marclay, Carles Santos, Hans Peter Kuhn, Henning Christiansen, Tom Guralnick, Jon Rose, Sergei Kuryokhin, Z'EV, Malcolm Goldstein, Anthony Coleman, Peter Hollinger et.al. He has collaborated with dancers Steve Paxton, Kei Takei, & Kenneth King.

Language Linkage (1986)

An OpeRadio that revels in the playful world of the late Italian writer and Nobel Prize winner, Italo Calvino. Moss uses selected texts from Calvino's Invisible Cities and his own inimitable vocal and percussion style.

Commissioned by NEW AMERICAN RADIO.