They have been replaced by FULL-LENGTH works

Allen, Terry: Reunion: A Return to Juarez (1992)
A Texas sailor, a Mexican prostitute, a Mexican-born pachuco (gangster), and his girl friend move in violent motion through the modern-day American West.

Allyn, Jerri: Angels Have Been Sent to Me (1991)
Poignant and humerous stories about Allyn's ninety-year old immigrant grandmother, Maria Alverez, and her cronies in a critical care home.

Amirkhanian, Charles: Mental Radio (1994)
Classic radiophonic proto-rap with America's lost practitioner of text-sound composition.

Apple, Jacki: One Word at a Time (1994)
The Traveler "clicks" through twenty three "stories" set in sonic spaces that shape a virtual journey exploring consciousness, life, art, language, the universe, and the whole ball of wax....

Carnahan, Melody Sumner and Sonami, Laetitia:
Manananggal (1994)

A musical drama about two powerful women who come under each other's influence, thereby releasing unconscious contents.

Curran, Alvin: A Beginner's Guide to Attracting Birds (1995)
A tone poem for radio in which the sound of high-tension wires in the wind, the elusive musical hums of the Bay of La Speza (Italy), and many other sounds undergo gradual and continuous digital transformation into the sound of voices.

Davies, Sheila: What Is the Matter in Amy Glennon? (1989)
A magnificent postmodern alchemical opus: the story of a woman who lightens her scientific background with the darkness of mythological philosophy.

Eckert, Rinde: Four Songs Lost in a Wall (1995)
An elaborate multi-vocal and instrumental piece based on the story of the famous eighteenth-century castrato Carlo Broschi Farinelli.

Galás, Diamanda: Schrei (Scream) 27 (1994)
Several short performances over the space of twenty-seven minutes alternating extreme high-energy vocal work with absolute silence.

Hirsch, Shelley: O Little Town of East New York (1992)
An autobiographical docu-musical about growing up in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of East New York in the 60s .With the artist in top-notch vocal form.

Jones, Lisa and Rogers, Alva: Stained (1991)
A fury of passion, then a sudden loss and all that's left is the music. A woman is haunted by music she associates with a lover who disappeared without explanation at the height of their love affair.

Joyce, Don and Negativland: Guns! (1989)
"The gun and the Bible carved this nation out of the wilderness," a man exclaims. A dense, pulsing "action song" whose verses deal with America's intimate relationship with firearms.

Morelock, William: Sims Serenade (1992)
A young man and his family, an old man and his town, and a story about "trying to recover from the dislocations of life lived through the filters of expectation and regret."

Moss, David: Conjure (1991)
A dizzying stew of music and narrative based on texts by Italian writer and Nobel prize winner, Italo Calvino.

Skibell, Harris: Exchange (1989)
Musical dialogues between the violin, a symbol of the world of European art music, and the Stock Exchange, a powerful American symbol of the world whose business is business, in which distinctions blur.

Swearingen, Donald: Salvation at 1 A.M. (1991)
A carefully crafted work that takes its inspiration from the myriad of promotional programming on late night cable television.

Thorington, Helen: North Country (1995)
A North Country mystery based on the discovery of an unidentified skeleton near a lake in upstate New York.

Whitehead, Gregory: Shake, Rattle and Roll (1992)
A personal history inscribed in a technical history. The artist's desire to electrocute himself under the delusion that he will then somehow be able to fly.

Z, Pamela: Parts of Speech (1995)
A cohesive audio environment that deals with words as propaganda, words as mantra, words as poetry, words as authority and words as music.