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Melody Sumner Carnahan and Laetitia Sonami:
Manananggal (1994)

(p) 1994 Laetitia Sonami (BMI). All rights reserved.

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MELODY SUMNER CARNAHAN (Santa Fe, NM) received an MFA in writing from Mills College, where she began working with composers, including Robert Ashley. The author of story collections, The Time Is Now and Thirteen (Burning Books), and a Tibetan man's biography, In the Presence of My Enemies (Clear Light), she has published thirty works of fiction and essay in periodicals and anthologies including the San Francisco Chronicle and the City Lights Review. Experimental Intermedia Foundation commissioned a one-hour radio program featuring her collaborative works with composers, and other programs featuring her writing have been aired by KPFA, Berkeley, WEVL, Memphis, and CFUV in Victoria, Canada. She has co-created two works with Laetitia Sonami for NEW AMERICAN RADIO: Manananggal (1994) and The Bench (1995).

MARIE GOYETTE (Berlin, Germany) studied piano at McGill University and with Radu Lupu in London. Since 1989 she has been working in the field of electronic music. As part of her vocal and musical composition for Manananggal she developed her electronic shoes and belt during a residency at STEIM in Amsterdam.

Other Radio Works

The Bench (1995)

The story takes place in a city square. It depicts an episode in the lives of two street people, a man and a woman, as observed by a narrator who watches from her hotel balcony. Focusing in, the narrator begins to "hear" fragments from the minds of the lovers: The young man, once a classical pianist, now produces a hellish blues, which fuses with the courtyard's musique concrete, with shards of his narcissistic dreams, and with dehydrated strings of the older woman's distorted understanding. The narrator doesn't move to interfere, yet she is compelled by what she witnesses: Is the woman rescuing or destroying the young man? Does he need her or is he trying desperately to get away?